Friday, 17 February 2017

Reflection of 2016: I Made My Dream Come True...

Officially becoming UWA master student :)
Okaaay, I know that it's almost the end of the 7th week of 2017. But well, I think it's not late to reflect the year 2016. It's better late than never, isn't it?

For me, 2016 was the toughest but fruitful year for me. In this year I finally started to live my dream: STUDYING ABROAD. Not in Germany as I profoundly obsessed, but in Australia (the land in southern hemisphere which I impulsively chose. Haha!). And here it is the summary of what happened during the year of 2016.

1st Quarter : January, February and March

I was so lucky and proud for having been chosen as one of LPDP (Indonesia Endowment Fund for Education) awardee at the last batch of 2015 scholarship application. But, the struggle in hunting scholarship was continued with harder strugle to hunt unconditional LOA. That hunt even forced me to resign (again!), the company in which I've developed my knowledge and expertise in offshore survey industry, especially in offshore geotechnical survey works. I could never thank enough to Java Offshore (JO) families for all the precious moments and support they give. Special thanks to Baba Bachir, my strict but kind-hearted supervisor, who wrote such beautiful recommendation for my scholarship application. I owe you a lot, Pak, though your "YOU WANNA DIE?!?" anger will always be memorised on my head. Hahahaha!

The main reason I resigned too early from JO was because I had to struggle for IELTS Test. Before resigning from JO I already take IELTS twice with the same disappointed result: Overall score 7.0 but writing section 5.5. *cry a river* So that I decided to take an intensive IELTS writing course at Kampung Inggris, Pare (a small town near Kediri, East Java). Huuuuuge thanks for Mr. Mika and Ms. Jun for their dedication to help me to be much better in composing English academic writing. Thanks also for Grizzy and Affan for our friendship there. Finally at the 3rd IELTS test (which I took in Denpasar, Bali), I got the desired result which met the University of Western Australia (UWA)'s requirement.  

2nd Quarter : April, May, and June

After obtaining the unconditional LOA from UWA, I started the preparation for my departure abroad. I was a bit in a rush to complete the paperwork for my departure to Australia i.e securing contract with LPDP,  obtaining LoG from LPDP and CoE (Certificate of Enrolment) from UWA to apply student visa. Special thanks to Mbak Dania, UWA's representative in Jakarta, and Mbak Dani from AUG for having helped me with all the paperworks.

I was also in a rush to shop some winter apparels and got a lil bit broke because they took quite huge amount of my money. Hahaha!

3rd Quarter : July, August, September

I spent most of my July with my former partner, Om Jos. Together with him, I had vacation in Bandung and Bali. He also accompanied me to visit my grandma (from paternal side) in Pacitan, East Java and my relatives (from maternal side) in Purwodadi, Central Java. With him I also attended y best friend (Tante Anggie)'s wedding, a night before my departure to Aussie. At July 24th, together with my families and lovely friends (Ella and Rahmi), he also delivered me to the airport. We promised to double the the age of our relationship, planned to have another 3 years of togetherness. 

My life in Australia started quite smoothly. I lived with a nice Indonesian family for the first 2 months I live here. But due to one and other reasons I finally decided to move out into a studio apartment. I think the older I am the less I could resist drama and fake people. Glad that here I have a great small circle of friends that is awesome. Zidnie, Abie, Fajrie, Mas Bond... I really don't know how I could survive my first semester in UWA without you, guys.

4rd Quarter : October, November, December

Soooo many thing happened during this last quarter of 2016. 

I broke the plan I made with Om Jos... No more better sparrow in the hand than pigeon on the roof. I couldn't catch the pigeon but a falcon (both are on the same age. Two years younger than me). 

Many people say that sometimes the person you are truly meant to fall in love with will come in the strangest, most unexpected way. And that saying really happened to me. I met this falcon through..... Tinder. Hahahaaaaaa! And I really fall in love with him. I've never ha this kind of feeling before. And this excerpt of poem titled 'Icarus in Love' written by David Jones perfectly describes this feeling
"I love you as Icarus loved the sun. Too Close. Too Much."
Well, enough about romance. The most important thing happened in this period period odf was I could survive my first semester in UWA though my grade was not good enough (2 Pass, and 2 Credits). Hehehe. Next semester I'll study harder! Yeaaaaah!

As a reward, I dared my self to join a 6-week road and climbing trip Perth - Esperance - Fowlers Bay - Adelaide - Grampians - Melbourne - Albany - Margaret River - Perth. The complete stories will be published on separated posts. I hope I won't be too lazy to post them. LOL.


That's all I could write about my 2016.  Thank you for all families and friends who supported me to pass that year. Without you, I'd be nothing. All I can wish at this moment is to be more and more  compassionate, passionate and grateful in enjoying life.



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