Friday, 17 February 2017

OZ Summer Trip - Part 3a: Esperance Day-1

Esperance, 4 December 2016

Our first destination for this was Esperance, a beautiful town which is nestled on the southern coastline of Western Australia (WA). There we met his brother, Byron, who teamed up with his mate, Callum, to travel around Aussie in a medium toyota coaster bus they named 'Blue Lagoon'.

Esperance offers some of WA's pristine beaches and coastal landscapes. But... since I had trip with a rock climber, the focus was not to the beaches but the big boulders scattered there in which he could create some bouldering problems to be solved. Hahahaaaa! *batal sudah impian lari-lari cantik di pantai ala-ala serial Baywatch. Plaaaak!*

So here it is some pictures of their bouldering activities in Twilight beach, captured during the first day we spent in Esperance.

Byron, Callum, and Daniel


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