Friday, 17 February 2017


Perth, 7 Feb 2017

When I was waiting on the Gate 53 for my flight to Jakarta, next to me there was an Indonesian man (on my father's age) having a video call with his family. While talking through his headset, through the big glass window he showed his family the plane in front of us. Eavesdropping his conversation, I heard he said, "That's the plane carrying the coffin of her corpse. We'll arrive tonight in Jakarta." 

JGLEG. Suddenly I felt a horror. I'd be one plane with a dead body.

After finishing his video call, with teary eyes the man greeted me and started a conversation with me. His name is Kosim,  a Javanese living in Serang, Banten.  He asked me what do I do in Perth. And thenI dared myself to ask him who was on the coffin.

"My daughter. She and her husband died on a airplane crash on Australian Day, 26 Jan," he answered.

"I'm sorry to hear that. I saw the news on TV and newspapers. What such an unfortunate event it was. May she rest in peace."

The news about the plane crash in

He then shared some story about his daughter plus showed me some pictures of hers. It extremely made me sad. It made me imagine, how if my parents were on his position. Coming to Australia not for sharing time together here (attending my graduation ceremony, walking together in park, barbequeing at Matilda Bay,  strolling at beaches,  having fun together) but to pick up my dead body.

I was somehow lingered by question: How would people feel after my demise?!? How would the after taste after my demise?

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