Sunday, 31 July 2016

A Pray from Stranger at Blue House

Perth, 29 July 2016

With Joel at the Blue House © 2016 Joel
Today, in my spare time, I decided to stroll around campus and its neighbor. Blue House became my first and main destination. There, I really enjoyed the simply beautiful scenery offered, the breeze, and also the quiet and peaceful atmosphere (though there were several other visitors bugged me to capture their pictures).

I sat alone on the wooden stair there with occasionally captured landscape pictures with my Nikon D5100. I tried to keep myself busy so that my brain would stop overthinking. But it failed. I kept questioning myself whether I was wise enough or not to pull my self out from my comfort zone. I was a bit regretted my decision to go to Aussie as postgraduate student rather than as traveler with Working Holiday Visa. 

To tell you the truth, I am so inconfident with my (civil) engineering knowledge and skills. I was not a diligent student during my bachelor study. I event took one year longer than normal time to finish it. After graduation, instead of deepening and sharpening my engineering knowledge skills, I downgraded them. I only use max around 10% (or even less) of them. I was trapped in a comfort zone of earning 'easy money'.

Now, though my course in Master of Professional Engineering (with specialization in civil engineering) hasn't started yet, I've worried a lot about it. I've been so scared and almost cried imagining how bloody the days I am gonna have here. Lectures, tutorials, lab activities. Oh NOOOOOO!

Me and my baby Nikon © 2016 Joel
Suddenly there was a stranger approached me. He was one of visitor who asked me to take his picture with Blue House as background. He introduced himself as Joel. He was in Perth for holiday with his family. We engaged in a short nice conversation. We talked and talked and somehow I told him all about my worry and doubts. He listened patiently.

After I finished mumbling, he asked, "Could I offer you a pray. Lets pray together."

I got stunned. His offer slapped my soul because it made me realize that it's been such a long time for me not to pray to God (whose existence I often doubt).

After I gave him a nod, he started leading the pray. We prayed for our wellness (both physically and psychologically), asked Him for not letting us to forget in being grateful upon everything we have in our live. He also asked God to give me strength and confident to undergo my study.

I almost cried again but because of different reason now. Call me sentimental or anything for easily being touched with simple act and kindness. Now I become less worry about my study. Que sera sera!

Today meeting with Joel really convinced me that universe will never let us be alone. He will send help in mysterious and unexpected ways through beautiful souls. All we need to do is always be open on any opportunities of seeking and giving help to each other. Time and pray are two best things we can give for someone, even for stranger one.

Thank you dear Joel for today's heartwarming encounter. See you soon someday, somewhere... Wishing you enjoy your holiday here.

Anyway, here are several pictures of mine captured by Joel.

© 2016 Joel
© 2016 Joel
© 2016 Joel
© 2016 Joel