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Togean Islands. This tourism destination is the heaven for beach and sea lovers because it has beautiful spots for swimming, snorkeling, and diving. Even for just relaxing, this place is the best. But... It needs huge determination if you want to have vacation there because the access to go there is not quite easy and fast. From Sulawesi mainland, it needs many hours to reach these islands located in Tomini Gulf. But... Once you get there, you'll be so resistant to leave.

There are 2 main accesses to reach Togean Islands i.e. from Gorontalo and Ampana. From Gorontalo, we'll need around 13 hours of sea voyage to reach Wakai, central of Togean Islands. Meanwhile from Ampana, it only needs 6 hours. But, since Ampana couldn't be reached through airway, inevitably, we should fly to its neighboring city first such as Palu and Luwuk. From those cities we need several hours of road trip to reach Ampana. I personally suggest you to go from Gorontalo.

Waiting for our departure from Gorontalo to Wakai

#Gorontalo : To reach ferry port, from Jalaluddin airport Gorontalo, take Damri bus Airport - Port with daily departure at 11.30, 13.15, and 21.30. Sea voyage duration from Gorontalo to Wakai, the center of Togean, by using KM Tuna Tomini is around 13 hours. The fare for economy class is 54k IDR per person, and for business class is 89k IDR per person.

#Ampana : In average the sea travel time from Ampana to Togean is 6 hours. But, since there is no airport in Ampana, we should fly first to its neighbors such as Palu and Luwuk. From those cities, it requires a quite long road travel time to reach Ampana.

  • From Mutiara Airport Palu, take bus to Palu Bus Station, there are buses with route of Palu - Poso - Ampana departing at 10.00 and 17.00 (with duration of journey for about 10 hours.), or travel agent serving route of Palu - Ampana such as Touna Travel (Jl. Sam Ratulangi, 0451-454808 jam 08.00 dan 16.00), Sansarino Travel (Jl. Sisingamangaraja, 0451-425807 jam 09.00), Togean Indah Travel (Jl. Suprapto, 0451-422829), get off at Ampana port.
  • From Bubung Airport Luwuk, take bus to the Luwuk Bus Station, there are buses serving route of Luwuk - Ampana departing at 21.00, or to travel agent Kesayangan Anda (Jl. Yos Sudarso, next to Rosalina Hotel, 081341009960, 0852566267368), get off at Ampana port.

Below is the boat schedule from and to Togean:

Note(s): All the time stated above are in Central Indonesia Time, GMT+8

Once arriving in Wakai, there would be several boats from the resorts located in Kadidiri Island, the most popular island in Togean Islands, such as Kadidiri Paradise, Black Marlin Dive & Resort or Pondok Lestari Kadidiri. While if we want to go to another islands, without relying on public boat, we need to rent the wooden boat from the local people with negotiable price.


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