Thursday, 26 March 2015

MALENGE STAY: Sera Beach Cottage

© +sita ariana pangestu (2015)

Sera Beach Cottage. After having been through a tough negotiation, finally Om Jos and I (and also two couples who became our impromptu travel buddies from Wakai) got the price of 150k IDR/night/person to stay at that cottage located at the north side of Malenge island. That cottage has just been operated since mid 2014. It consists of 7 small wooden cottage unit and 1 big wooden building functioned as common room, dining venue, and also living place for its staffs.

© +sita ariana pangestu (2015)

In front of the cottage, there is a tiny beach with soft and white sand. The sea has blue shades that calm us down as far as we could see. You could just jump on it if you want to swim and snorkel. The water is clear, the feasibility is good, and coral reef and fish living there are beautiful. Even if you're lucky enough, you could find sting rays and baby sharks which occasionally pass through. If you want to go to a better snorkeling and diving spots, you could rent a wooden boat from the cottage to bring you to Reef No. 4 and Reef No.5 locations. If you're just too lazy or tired, you could relax yourself in the hammock installed on each front part of each cottage unit or in benches under the coconut trees near the sea shore.

In orange cocoon

Toward dining time, all the guest would be gathered in the common building. We would sit around a long wooden table where the food is nicely prepared. For breakfast, usually they will serve sweet cake or pancake and slices of tropical fruit like pineapple. For lunch and dinner the main menu is grilled barakuda fish with slices of fresh tomatoes and onions. In this common room, there is also a small wooden shelf consisting of some books left by previous guests. Mostly are novels written (translated) in German. There are also some chess sets. You could borrow them any time you want.

Pak Nuir
Coconut crab

The best feature on this cottage is Mr. Nuir, a native of Malenge island who becomes the operational manager of this new-built cottage. He is so informative and talk-active to guests. He has fluent English. Besides giving us useful information, he also tries hard to satisfy the guests staying at this cottage. On our first night staying there, he showed us the presence of plankton scattering the beach that would shine once we stepped our foot on them. On the second night, he showed us a coconut crab, one of signature animal living in Togean islands. In particular, he told me and Om Jos about the hidden beach located not far from the cottage.

This cottage also provides a free shuttle boat from and to Malenge local jetty. Meanwhile for moving to another island, we could charter the wooden boat owned and sailed by Mr. Nuir with a negotiable and affordable price.

With all those mentioned quailities it has, I personally really recommend Sera Beach Cottage for you who wants to spend holiday at Malenge island.



You may call this number for making reservation at Sera Beach Cottage +6285145906028


George Sedlacek said...

Yes, a real paradise. And that bargained price almost too good to be true (I'm sure it won't get that low any time soon...) So, what do you do in paradise, after a while? Correct, you get restless. :-)) (And it wasn't Eve to get restless this time around, but Adam... shame on him.) Stay tuned for the next episode...

Mod said...


Is there any way to book it?

How easy is to get there from the big harbor?

Thanks a lot!

sita ariana pangestu said...

Hi Philippe,

From Wakai (main harbour in Togean Island), you need to take a public/rented boat to Malenge jetty. Then from there, you could contact Mr. Nuir to pick you up by his wooden boat.

For booking, you can contact Mr. Nuir: +6285145906028
Since the signal is so bad there it's better for you to book via SMS.

I hope the info will be helpful for you :)

Puisi Cinta said...

thats so amazing to see (y) love it :)