Friday, 16 August 2013

JÖNKÖPINGS ~ More Than Just Meaningless Spell

Jönköpings, July 16, 2013

“Bengt, Jönköpings really exists?!?” I said a little amazed pointing the signboard on the road next to the gas station where we rested to have sleepover.

“Yup. So what? You look so amazed,” Bengt asked.

“When I wanted to join a mountaineering club in senior high school, I had to cast the spell: Jönköpings Tändsticksfabrik Patent paraffinerade säkerhets-tändstickor utan svafvel och fosfor. Tända endast mot lådans plån. Licensed by AB Jönköpings Vulcan Sweden made in Indonesia,” I said with occasionally closing my eyes recalling the lines on of words on that legendary yellow matchbox. 

The legendary yellow matchbox (Source: click here)
“Hahahaaa!” Bengt giggled while hearing me muttering to complete the spell. Then he said, “LL, I remember those match boxes from when I grow up and stealing my first cigarette from my father; then we smoked in the forest, coughing like hell and read on the match box that text. Do you want to know the translation?”

I nodded excitedly as response. Then Bengt gave the translation, “Jönköping match factory patents paraffin wax coated safety matches without brimstone and phosphorus. Light only against the box striking surface. Licensed by AB Jönköpings Vulcan Sweden made in Indonesia.”

I and Bengt paused in silent after he had completed the translation. Each of us dissolved into our own nostalgia. I suddenly longed for the days and my friends in sister&brotherhood in Inswapala (nature adventurer student association) SMAN (Public Senior High School) 1 Bekasi. Ntep, Mot, Dwi, Arpay, Bomber, Goris, Egy, Jesse, Rendi, I miss you all. When will we hike the mountain together again?!?

As the night wore on, I and Bengt decided to have a rest above our seat in his gray Mazda 3 MPS.

Good night Jönköpings!


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