Sunday, 31 August 2014


Jakarta, August 23, 2014

Join Coffee. I first knew this coffee shop from a workmate of mine, Hafiz. Together with other mates, we went there on a fine Friday evening after our office hour finished. Actually, we had chosen to visit another coffee shop, 1/15 Coffee, located in Gandaria. Too bad that we couldn't enjoy our time on that over-priced coffee shop. Therefore we moved our gathering venue to Join Coffee.

Join Coffee located inside the compound of GOR Bulungan. That outdoor coffee shop has various menu both for coffee and non-coffee drink. For coffee, they serve cappuccino, coffee latte, hazelnut latte, caramel latte, and some Indonesian origins such as Gayo, Toraja, Mandailing, Papuan and many others. For non coffee drinkers they have tea, chocolate drinks, green tea latte, and lime squash. For food they serve toasts, grilled banana and cassava. All food and beverages sold with very affordable price. For food it starts from 5k to IDR and for beverages it ranges from 12k to 20 k IDR. Costumers could also order food from the sellers whose carriage surrounding this coffee shop.

Besides because of their good taste of food and and beverage, I personally fall in love with this coffee shop after seeing the blackboard on which Garuda and Pancasila (symbol and five philosophical foundation of Indonesia state) are stated.

(1) Ketuhanan Yang Maha Esa (Belief in the one and only God)
(2) Kemanusiaan Yang Adil dan Beradab (Just and civilized humanity)
(3) Persatuan Indonesia (The unity of Indonesia)
(4) Kerakyatan Yang Dipimpin oleh Hikmat Kebijaksanaan, Dalam Permusyawaratan dan Perwakilan (Democracy guided by the inner wisdom in the unanimity arising out of deliberations amongst representatives)
(5) Keadilan Sosial bagi seluruh Rakyat Indonesia (Social justice for all of the people of Indonesia)

From now, Join Coffee has officially become my favorite coffee shop in Kebayoran Baru area :)



George Sedlacek said...

What are those five philosophical foundations, mlil? Could you translate them?

sita ariana pangestu said...

The post has been updated to answer your question, mwil :)