Tuesday, 27 August 2013

GOTHENBURG SPORT EVENT: Supper Matchen Real Madris (RM) VS Paris Saint German (PSG)

Gothenburg, July 27, 2013

It was a cloudy Saturday evening when I and the other folks directed our footsteps to Ullevi Stadium, Gothenburg. We went to that ship-shaped modern architectural building to attend a friendly match between two world's richest clubs i.e. Real Madrid (RM) and Paris Saint German (PSG). The main stars for this event of course were Christiano Ronaldo (captain of Portuguese national team in RM side) and Zlatan Ibrahimovic (captain of Sweden national team in PSG side).

I together with the many other Madridista who were not only from Sweden but also from all over the world stood in the standing-bench on the north side of the stadium to support our favorite team. Eventually I stood beside the bunch of Madridista from Spain.

The Madridistas 

"Hala Madrid! Hala Madrid!" they sang and yelled aloud. 

Our scream burst when seeing El Real's legend, Zinedine Zidane, crossing the field to reach RM bench before the game started. 


Oh my God!

Then I saw my most favorite player, Mesut Özil.


This was was the closest moment I'd ever been with my favorite idols both the team and players. There was something superb taking up space in my chest beside my heart and lungs.

At that time there were around 42000 people filling that stadium but... for me the crowds here was not as spectacular as I had expected. They were too silent for this kind of big match. Well maybe because this was only a friendly match, not a match in real competition such as Champion League. But well, no matter how I still really enjoyed this game that finally won by Real Madrid with the single goal scored by Karim Benzema in minute 23.

There was a remarkable thing I saw here. Though it was not El Classico, the madridistas next to me yelled, "Puta Barca! Puta Barca! Puta Barca!"

It made me really wanna go to Santiago Bernabeu, Madrid, to see El Classico between  Los Blancos and Blau Granna, to feel the real heat between those two giants club.


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