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BANDUNG SPOTLIGHT: Saung Angklung Udjo

Bandung, June 15 2014

It was at 2 PM and Bandung was still cloudy with patchy drizzle when I and my Wolfie arrived at Saung Angklung Udjo (SAU) located in Jl. Padasuka. That compound of bamboo houses is a cultural center to preserve the Sundanese culture - Angklung in particular - which was established in 1966 by Udjo Ngagalena and his beloved wife, Uum Sumiati. Our main purpose to visit that place established , was to see the Afternoon Bamboo Show which regularly performed there.

I and my Wolfie purchased tickets for performance showed at 3.30 PM. Instead of printed paper, they gave us Angklung-pendant rope necklace as the ticket. The show was packed with several mini performances. It consisted of wayang golek (Sundaneese wooden puppet) demonstration, Helaran procession, Traditional Dances and Angklung for beginner, Angklung orchestra, Angklung interactive to Arumba.

© +Jiří Sedláček  (2014)

The dalang (puppet master) performed some scenes of Ramayana tale. One of them was the scene when Hanoman (the white monkey general) was having fight with the devil Rahwana as part of his mission to save King Rama’s wife, Sinta. Cepot ,the most legendary figure in Sundanese wayang golek, was also showed up here complete with his signature jokes.

© +Jiří Sedláček  (2014)

Helaran is a traditional procession that comes along to celebrate the khitan (circumcision) for boy or rice/paddy harvest. The boy is be carried in a bamboo carriage to round the kampong (village) in order to amuse him and make him forget about the pain after his  circumcision.

© +Jiří Sedláček  (2014)

There are two kinds of traditional dance performed here; mask dance and peacock dance. At the time we came, the peacock dance was the performed one.

Angklung Orchestra, conducted by kang Chandra - one of the offspring of Mang Udjo - the fouder. Each youth brought up to 10 angklung.  In assemble they played several songs both local and foreign. This video was captured when hey were playing I Love You Baby - Can't take My Eyes Out of You which first popularized by frank Sinatra in 60s.  

© +Jiří Sedláček  (2014)

Angklung for kids. Each kid brought 2 - 3 angklung. In assemble they played several Indonesian traditional songs across the archipelago starting with Bungong Jeumpa from Aceh until Yamko Rambe Yambo from Papua.

There is also souvenir shop that's integrated with the ticket counter. Besides Angklung and its miniature, there we saw so many other handicraft craved from bamboo and wood. There were also some displays of traditional clothes and some T-shirts either for kids and adults. My wolfie brought a wooden mask for his collection and some souvenirs such as pandan-leaf-woven wallet and wooden pen for his colleagues in Prague. While me, I bought a sheet of Batik and a pair of shoes with ikat pattern.

Inside the souvenir shop © +Jiří Sedláček  (2014)
© +Jiří Sedláček  (2014)
Various kinds of T-shirt sold at Saung Angklung Udjo © +Jiří Sedláček  (2014)

Last but not least, Saung Angklung Udjo is definitely a great spotlight not to be when visiting Bandung.



Address and Contact
Jl. Padasuka 118, Bandung 40192 West Java - Indonesia
Phone. +62 22 727 1714, +62 22 710 1736 Fax. +62 22 720 1587

Schedule of Afternoon Afternoon Bamboo Show
15.30 PM - 17.30 PM & 18.00 PM - 20.00 PM

Entrance Fee for Afternoon Bamboo Show
60,000 IDR for local & 100,000 IDR for foreigner

How to Go There with Public Transportation
Take green angkot Cicaheum - Ciroyom directing to Cicaheum, get off at Jl. Padasuka, walk for around 200 m or simply take ojek (motorcycle taxi) for 5,000 IDR to reach the venue.

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