Sunday, 1 December 2013


Bandung, December 1, 2013

Wiki Koffie from outside © +sita ariana pangestu (2013)

Wiki Koffie. On this first evening of December I decided to pamper myself there after attending my Citizen Journalist Club gathering at Museum of Asia-Africa. I occupied the corner side of that coffee shop located in one of Braga four-junction corner. I put my tote bag above the square wooden table there and came over to the order counter. A meaty man on his red-and-white plaid shirt greeted and served me nicely. I asked him about the recommended menu there. He recommended the Hawaiian Drip or Vietnam Drip.

I have been quite familiar with Vietnam Drip but not the Hawaiian Drip hence I asked curiously about that menu. The meaty man gave me some explanation that besides their names and origins, what differed those two was Vietnam Drip would be served with milk meanwhile Hawaiian Drip would be served with syrup: caramel or vanilla.

I decided to try Hawaiian Drip with caramel syrup one. To please my hungry tummy I wanted to order waffle. Unluckily that menu was not being served at that time. I asked about another menu. "What other sweet light meal that is available here?"

"You want a sweet one? You should order ME then," he answered with a wink on his eyes.

© +sita ariana pangestu (2013)

I just giggled quite heavily due to that. Then he recommended two sweet menus there i.e egg cakes and the promo-of-the-day menu i.e French Toast. Since I was too lazy to make any choice, I ordered both. Please excuse that lame excuse to accommodate my monstrous appetite :P

I really enjoyed my gray sky evening there. I red some pages of my magazines. And then I pushed myself to restart my romance novel project which idea had been deep-rooted in my mind since a few years ago but never been really started by such an acute procrastinator like me. The great coffee with its bitter-acid taste, the sweet meal with its warmth,  and the interior with its cute vintage style really comforted me hence I could finish drafting 1 (one) chapter there.

I stopped writing when my fingers had been too stiff to scratch any letter on my note book. I viewed the outside through the glass on my left side. Sun had gone down. Drizzling rain started falling. The roads got wet. Many people passed the sidewalk next to me in hustle.

Meals to accommodate my monstrous appetite :P © +sita ariana pangestu

Getting bored then I decided to take some pictures and observe another customers there.  In front of me there were two mid-aged men having some light talk. Next to me, there were some lads discussing about some pictures they had captured today. Then on the big table on the other corner there was a bunch of young people gathering, joking, sharing laughter. All of people looked happy there. And their happiness was contagious. I felt happy too though I was the only customer with non-living-creature companion. There were only my Nikon D-5100, pen and note and some late editions of National Geographic I had just bought in Cikapundung street flea market which accompanied me sitting in the corner.

Men in front of me left. Then their table was occupied by a young couple. They hold their hands each other while talking some sweet stuffs affectionately during their stay there. Love was in the air. And.... 'You give me something' by James Morrison was being aired.
You give me something/ That makes me scared alright/
This could be nothing / But I'm willing to give it a try
Please give me something/ Because someday I might know my heart
Somehow I remembered my september-crush. Then I realized that I knew this coffee shop because it is on the route of my way back home after my intense occasional visits to his place. A coffee shop was also the first place we met and spent some hours together.

Errrggghhh... to prevent feeling more boisterousness, I decided to go back home.While waiting for the angkot, I was caught into a nice talk with the meaty man I previously mentioned. His (nick)name is Mario Galau (the opposite of Mario Teguh, the motivator at self-help program titled Golden Ways). He is the main chef plus marketing lead of Wiki Koffee.

Mario shared some history of this coffee shop that has just established since 4 (four) months ago. Ah... I remembered then that formerly this building was occupied by a bookstore where I bought my Studio-d German A-1, A-2 and B-1 books for my Deutsch course while I was in university. He told me that previously the business product was bubble drink named Bubble Bee, one group with one located in Kampung Gajah (amusement park) area. But since the market for that kind of beverage in Braga area was so low, the owner decided to shift that tavern into a coffee shop. And it goes quite well. This coffee shop has managed to attract its neighboring office and business area's employees to have a visit which mainly in purpose to enjoy the breakfast menu offered there.

Inside Wiki Koffie © +sita ariana pangestu (2013)

On weekend, most of the customers here are photo hunters. They indulge their selves here after capturing some vintage colonial buildings laying along Braga street and surrounding area either as main objects or background of their photo. No wonder almost all the customers I saw there at that moment were bringing their DSLRs.

I asked him where their coffee supplies come from. I liked to know about that as the reference once I run my own coffee shop.

"80% of coffee served here is imported. Only 20% that is purchased in local market."

"Why do you use so little local product? We have many good quality of coffee, Aceh Gayo, Toraja, Bali Kintamani, Wamena, and many other kinds of coffee" I asked, get surprised of his answer.

"Just for branding and marketing. Imported ones are always more attractive for customer."

Hmm... I didn't agree with him. Somehow I regretted for not ordering the local coffee one :(

Well serving local or imported products are each merchant's freedom to chose. I couldn't interfere that. But... having been inspired by my most favorite coffee shop named Anomali Cafe, I am gonna use 100% of Indonesian coffee bean for coffee shop I am gonna own soon.

Anyhow, Happy Coffee-ing  folks!