Monday, 12 August 2013

PRAGUE SPOTLIGHT: Franz Kafka Statue

Prague, July 12 2013

Franz Kafka Statue statue was unveiled in 2003 to commemorate Franz Kafka, a German-language writer of novels and short stories who strongly influenced genres such as existentialism. The sculptor, Jaroslav Rona, made this bronze statue based on his vivid description of the image of a young man riding on another one's shoulders through the night streets of Prague that appears in Franz Kafka's short story titled "Description of Struggle". Therefore he made this tall black statue which represents Kafka himself sitting above a headless male figure in a suit.

© +Jiří Sedláček  (2013)
"And now - with a flourish, as though it were not the first time - I leapt onto the shoulders of my acquaintance, and by digging my fists into his back I urged him into a trot. But since he stumped forward rather reluctantly and sometimes even stopped. I kicked him in the belly several times with my boots, to make him more lively. It worked and we came fast enough into the interior of a vast but as yet unfinished landscape."

Kafka Statue is located in Prague's Jewish Quarter, a place where a Catholic church and a synagogue stand next to each other. It was the place where Kafka used to walk around everyday because he lived on the opposite side of the street, at 27 Dusni Street (which laterally means 'Holly Spirit Streets'). Now it becomes one of spotlight in Prague where many tourists, including me, stop at the statue to take photo of themselves alongside the famous writer.


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